I've been playing fantasy football since 1997 where I drafted a newly named QB, Kordell Stewart of the Pittsburgh Steelers.  I did ok that year but it was the next year, 1998 when after week 2 I needed a QB.  Hey I'll take this guy named Kurt Warner from the Rams, and the rest was history.

Each year I always needed a draft kit for my league for our live draft and could never find one I really liked at a good price.  In 2002 I purchased a commercial grade printer and a wide format printer to design a line of pro draft kits for fantasy sports.  I only use the highest quality paper, toner and labels.  The higher the quality equals a higher grade product.  To be honest, the cheaper stuff is not good on my machines.  I work on improving each year and listen to my customers for advice and any suggestions they may have.  Please check out my many different draft kit options and other sports items.